natural born super hero




The natural born super hero!

BRUCE the BATPUG is the most Surprising Pug on the Planet!  He is a Natural Born Super Hero!  Fur real!  He is not photoshopped.  Not spray painted. No magic marker.  He was born this way!

When you first meet BRUCE the BATPUG, you are sure Robin would say “Holy Shock and Paw, Batman!” because he is so amazing, and so incredible! BRUCE the BATPUG was born with the Sign of the Bat upon his back!

BRUCE the BATPUG is just 6 months old, and he is an adorable, fun and feisty fawn colored Pug. And he was born with a jet black Batman Bat symbol prominently emblazoned on the middle of his back! The fur is solid black, and so is the skin underneath it. It is exactly the same shape it was “right off the bat” (pun intended!) on the day he was born, and hasn’t changed one bit!

And you just have to wonder-- what are the chances of that happening, when Pugs are never, ever, in the History of Ever, ever born with markings on their bodies!?! And why this Pug, to these parents, at this time? And instead of being some other random shape, it is almost exactly in the distinctly recognizable shape of the Batman Logo!

And then you realize, that the Universal Secret of all Dogs has been revealed!

It becomes so obvious! The sign of the Bat on BRUCE the BATPUG’S back is the outward symbol of what all dogs have been hiding since the beginning of time in their relationship with humans. Dogs have always been called “man’s best friend” (and duh, woman’s too, of course). But in actuality, they are Super Heroes in Dog Suits!! And that is what BRUCE the BATPUG’S symbol reveals—because his “Birthday Suit” is his costume! No need to dress up this Pug!!




    BRUCE the BATPUG has Pug Parents that have the coolest dog life ever!  They are stars in the FIDO 500 MINI DOG RACES! They get to travel all over the country with their People Parents, performing at State and County Fairs and special events.  Along with their canine teammates, they get to represent their countries of origin, and race for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  Oh, and of course, there’s a tasty tidbit of delicious canned dog food waiting for each of them in the Finish Line!  Little dogs especially love to do three things a lot:  run around, and eat snacks and get hugs!  And in the FIDO 500 they get to do all three!

    So BRUCE the BATPUG will be joining the team!  But instead of racing to represent his country, his People Parents have decided to race them together as the Super Heroes they are!!  BRUCE the BATPUG will be himself and his Pug Pop Barney (the Great Barnini) will race as “Super Pug”, and his Pug Momma Lulu (the Dalai Lulu) will race as “Wonder Pug”.


Mission Pugpossible

There are so many dogs you can think of who use their Super Powers to find lost children, to help Police Officers catch the bad guys, to help hearing and sight impaired people find their way in the world, to alert someone of a seizure they are about to have, and the list goes on and on. Those are all examples of dogs using their Super Senses to help their Humans; it is their Prime Directive. But not just those headline catching canines deserve kudos. Every pet has the Super Powers and ability to help their human, just by kissing away tears; by encouraging their Person to get exercise by asking fora walk; by doing silly stuff and make their human laugh!

So first and foremost, the Purpose of BRUCE the BATPUG will be to use his own Super Powers to make everyone realize that right now, today, there are millions of dogs languishing in County Animal Shelters, who are unable to use their Super Powers, because they don’t have a Person to Partner with, and they are powerless. So BRUCE the BATPUG wants to reveal the Secret-- that if every dog who is now in a shelter, could just find a person who needs Super Powers in their life, well, the World would just be a much better place! Doesn’t that sound great!?!




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